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2014 Houston Texans OTAs: Watch Bill O'Brien's Tuesday Press Conference

Also get bonus footage of bored reporters scrolling through Facebook while they wait for the presser to start.

Bob Levey

The live feed is up now and Bill O'Brien should be making his appearance shortly.

Watch here.

In the meantime, check out John Harris' observations from yesterday's session. Especially this bit about Jadeveon Clowney making up for lost time very quickly.

After missing the last day of last week's workouts for the NFL-mandated Rookie Premiere, the Texans number one pick had some make-up work, so to speak, on his plate. But one play early in a seven-on-seven drill showed he can pick things up rapidly.

As O'Brien has said numerous times, these are complex schemes on both sides of the ball and that's for rookies AND vets. Yet after the first play of the drill, Vrabel jumped out of his shoes with praise for his youngest charge for his recoginition and reaction to what the offense had attempted to do to him.

Sure, a linebacker missing a practice and a quarterback missing a practice are two different things, but to see the cerebral football growth this early in a highly touted young man is impressive.

I was often suspicious of praise given by Gary Kubiak and his coaches. They rarely, if ever, said something negative about a player, so they lost a ton of credibility there.* I get the feeling that any positive feedback given by this new regime is 100% authentic.

(*I've realized that I misread the quote. Vrabel's praise was on the field towards Clowney, not at a reporter about Clowney, but I think my point stands.)

We'll get the transcript and reaction up as soon as humanly possible.