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Outside of QB, What Is Houston's Biggest Weakness?

Pete Prisco took some time to state the obvious about Houston's biggest problem yesterday. The more interesting question, however, might be about the Texans' lesser talked about disasters-in-waiting.

Jamie Squire

CBS senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco released his list of every team’s "glaring weaknesses" yesterday. The biggest weakness, as Prisco saw it, of your Houston Texans was probably what you expected – quarterback. Take it away, Pete.

They didn't take a quarterback until taking Tom Savage in the fourth round, which means Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter. That's not a good thing. He is just a guy, and this is a team that needs more than that from the position.

While quarterback is an obvious concern, Prisco does unintentionally raise an interesting question.  What is the Texans’ second biggest weakness? Safety? Right tackle? Inside linebacker? Defensive line depth? The Texans did not go 2-14 without some significant holes on their roster outside of the quarterback position.  Despite a (theoretically) stellar draft, some of those holes still remain. What say you, BRB? Other than under center, what is the biggest chink in Houston’s armor, and how hopeful are you that it gets buffed out this season?