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Arian Foster Wants Andre Johnson To Come Back, Serenades Him With Short Instagram Video

We all want Andre Johnson to be happy, return to the team and continue his potential Hall of Fame career, but Arian Foster took it a step further with a special plea in song form.

Foster: "Hug it out, bro?" -- Johnson: "Nah."
Foster: "Hug it out, bro?" -- Johnson: "Nah."
Bob Levey

The Internet is a pretty cool invention. It's simultaneously filled with the vast, collective knowledge of our recorded history. It's a massive aquarium into which we freely pour our consciousness for the sake of posterity. It's among humanity's greatest inventions. There's also lots of porn and silly cat pictures. Oh, and also this:

Arian Foster chose the song "Aint Too Proud to Beg" by The Temptations as the carrier pigeon for his feelings. You can listen to the full song here. It's a classy song selection. A classic retro but not hilariously outdated.

Other worthy song selections include:

If you weren't emo enough before, you will be after listening to the songs above. Anyway, Foster's tribute inspired me to make one of my own.


Someone pass the tissue box.