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Dashcam Video Of Sam Montgomery Arrest Released

Nearly a week after former Texan Sam Montgomery's arrest for speeding, video of the incident, which resulted in an officer's suspension, has been released.


Former Texans third round pick Sam Montgomery, who was booted from the team in the middle of his rookie season for alleged marijuana use, was arrested last week for speeding in South Carolina. According to a released dashcam video of the arrest, Montgomery was immediately taken into custody after going 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Here's a link to the footage, courtesy of FOX Carolina 21.

Ironically enough, the Texans shiny new first overall pick – Jadeveon Clowney – was recently pulled over twice in a three week period while going 25 miles per hour over the speed limit. Unlike Montgomery, Clowney was not arrested during either traffic stop.

Montgomery’s arresting officer, L. Cpl. R.S. Salter, was suspended following the incident for "behavior not representative of the professionalism displayed by our troopers and officers every day around the state." Fox Carolina interviewed Salter’s wife, Amanda, about the potential underlying reasons for her husband’s suspension.

Salter's wife, Amanda, thinks her husband is being treated unfairly. Back in 2009, he was reprimanded for not ticketing former Gov. Mark Sanford's driver. Since then, she said, he's been known to ticket high-ranking officials and even other law enforcement.

"He doesn't play the good ole boy system the way they see it, which is the philosophy of the Highway Patrol and the DPS. It's the good old boy system: 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.' And (Salter's) always been known for being tough, for standing by the law, obeying the law, as it's written, equally," said Amanda Salter.

Yesterday we wrote about the Texans having a league low nine arrests in the last fourteen years. I suppose it was times of poor decision-making like this that got Montgomery released so early in his career, lest he could bump that arrest count to ten.