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Would You Give Andre Johnson The Opportunity To Earn Back One Million Dollars?

The source of Andre Johnson's desire to play elsewhere is allegedly the Texans' refusal to let him earn back a workout bonus he forfeited by not attending the team's offseason workouts. If you were running the Texans, what would you do? Let him earn it back, or tell him that he's out of luck?

What would you do?
What would you do?
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The Texans' refusal to let Andre Johnson put in extra work to earn back a million dollar bonus he lost by failing to fully participate in the team's offseason regimen has reportedly led the greatest player in franchise history to inform the only organization he's ever played for that he wants to play elsewhere this season. Now, whether that's truly the reason 'Dre wants out of Houston is up for debate. I think Sean Pendergast put it rather succinctly:

Nevertheless, for the purpose of this exercise, let's assume that the loss of $1,000,000.00 really is the issue here. Let's assume that if the Texans allowed 'Dre to put in extra work to earn back that million bucks (note that no report is alleging he's simply demanding the team give the money to him; he's supposedly said he's willing to do additional work to get it) that he'd be in camp in a few weeks, subscribe to Bill O'Brien's newsletter, and be the good citizen/All-World wide receiver Texans fans have loved since 2003. Andre Johnson attends the workouts, the Texans pay him a million bucks, and everyone lives in harmony. If you were running the Texans, would you agree to that deal? Since, you know, you're dealing with the greatest player in your franchise's history and all? Even a dictator like Bill Parcells has made it clear that treating all players equally is a flawed premise, so why not give Andre Johnson special treatment?  He's a special player.  He deserves that consideration.

Or would you take a harder line? Would you inform Andre that the time for him to earn that money under the terms of his contract has passed, and that he's out of luck? Presumably, you'd let 'Dre know he's a vital member of the team, that you want him back in the fold, that you'd welcome him with open arms, and that you'll gladly honor the terms of his contract that haven't been breached, but that he chose to be absent from offseason workouts and that this is the natural result of that decision. Seeing as how there's a new sheriff in town, you'd likely want to make sure you let current and future players know that everyone plays by the same rules in Houston. Actions have consequences. 'Dre made a decision, and now he has to live with the ramifications of that decision like anyone else would.

What would you do? Vote in the poll below and discuss your analysis in the Comments.