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Andre Johnson News: The Latest Updates And Speculation About Andre Johnson's Future With The Texans

Looking for the latest on the fallout from Andre Johnson supposedly telling the Houston Texans he wants to play for another team? Battle Red Blog has you covered.

I'll love you forever, 'Dre.  Forever and always, my 'Dre you'll be.
I'll love you forever, 'Dre. Forever and always, my 'Dre you'll be.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

With yesterday's report that Andre Johnson has informed the Texans that he wants to play for another team, we must examine the fallout on this, The Day After Andre Johnson Allegedly Told The Texans He Wants Out (hereinafter "TDAAJATTTHWO"). Some tweets to consider on TDAAJATTTHWO...

If true, that's a big deal. It lends credence to those who think the source of the entire dispute between the Texans and 'Dre is money (as opposed to frustration with another rebuild, or a personality clash, or angst about the future of the euro). Andre Johnson will restructure to go elsewhere, but he's not willing to take a pay cut to do it. He doesn't want out of Houston so badly that he'll take home any less money than what's detailed in his contract.

Let's all gloss over irrelevant minutiae like whether the Raiders would be willing to pay Andre Johnson, or surrender the assets necessary to get him, and/or if the Texans are even amenable to a trade at all (which, for purely cap/dead money reasons, they may not be). 'Dre and the Raiders' general manager share an agent. It's kismet.

That's rather stark. I'm sure Bob McNair does want Andre Johnson to retire a Texan. That doesn't mean it'll happen. Wish in one hand and...well, you know the old adage about seeing which will fill up first.

Yes, happy birthday, 'Dre! I'm sure the media swirl is precisely what you, a man not known for seeking out the limelight, wanted for your birthday.

I'd love for this to be true. Finally, softly, as I leave you, the million dollar question (see what I did there?):

While I think there are certainly reasons the Texans could trade Andre Johnson, I don't know that there are any reasons why the Texans SHOULD trade him. What say you?