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Houston Texans Announce 2014 Home Game Themes/Uniform Colors

If you were wondering which game would actually be Battle Red Day at NRG Stadium this fall, you now know the answer. See which games will have the Houston Texans in their alternate uniforms this season.

The Go Texans store can't keep Shiloh Keo battle red jerseys in stock.
The Go Texans store can't keep Shiloh Keo battle red jerseys in stock.

In an effort to cleans your palate of "What Will Andre Johnson Do?" speculation, here's a link from the team's official site detailing the Texans' 2014 alternate uniform combinations and themes for all the games that'll be played at the newly christened NRG Stadium.

Texans fans know that the standard home uniform for the good guys is a blue jersey and white pants. Typically, however, for three games each year, the organization shakes things up (read:  pursues additional revenue streams) by employing alternate uniform combinations featuring some combination of the team's three official colors.

This year, the Texans will feature their all white uniforms on the aptly named Liberty White Out, which will occur for the team's season opener against Washington on September 7th.

The always popular Battle Red Day (rumor has it the team named the color and tradition after a certain Houston Texans fan site, despite the fact that (1) said site didn't come into existence until 2007 and (2) the color/tradition existed long before the creation of said site, thus making the rumor easily disprovable) will go down on November 2nd when the Eagles come to town.

Finally, the very underrated all blue uniforms will make their annual appearance when the Titans visit on November 30th.

Stagger your face paint purchases accordingly.