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2014 MLB All-Star Game Open Thread

There is only a week and a half to go before we finally get some real Texans news again. Until then, sit back and watch America's past time with the rest of the BRB crew. It's not football, but it's something.

Bob Levey

The time has come for Major League Baseball’s best and brightest (and several "meh" guys who got in via fan vote) to descend upon Minnesota and play in the least bad All-Star game of all the major sports leagues. SB Nation’s wonderful MLB site put together a bunch of pretty charts and graphs on this year’s rosters that essentially boiled down to one conclusion – Todd Frazier is extraordinarily average. Seriously. 

If you are an Astros fan, and I assume most of you are, then you have one reason and one reason only to watch this game besides Derek Jeter possibly crying on national television – Jose Altuve. The ‘Stros may be 19.5 games back from the unreasonably good Oakland Athletics, but at least they have an All-Star! What’s that? Oakland has six of them? Well gee…thanks for being good to us again, Houston sports teams.  We really appreciate it.

Consider this your open thread for tonight’s All-Star festivities. Coverage begins at 7:30 PM ET on FOX, with the game itself beginning at 8:00 PM ET.

Only eleven more days to camp…eleven more days…