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John Harris Explains Wide Receiver Terminology

Texans analyst John Harris switches from defense to offense and educates the masses on which letters mean what in an offensive formation.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

John Harris is back with another ‘Football 101’ video on the Mothership. This time around, Harris is talking receivers and the verbiage that differentiates them from one another. In particular he explains what the X, Y, Z, F, and Y receivers are and how each one has a distinct position along any given formation. For fans of the game who are looking to build their football knowledge with some basic terminology, this video is for you. If you missed yesterday’s foray into the basics of the 3-4 defense, check out the plethora of information (including Harris’ explanation) that Corzo put up for your consumption.  

Rookie report to camp in just five short days, with veterans reporting shortly after. Make sure to study up on your X’s and O’s so that you can scoff, complain, and cheer this season with proper terminology. You can never be too prepared for watching Texans football.