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ICYMI: Stuart Scott's Brilliant Acceptance Speech Wins The ESPYs

Stuart Scott has long been a BRB fixture in Microsoft Paint form, but today (two days late, of course) we're honoring him for his phenomenal speech on his battle with cancer during the 2014 ESPY Awards.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even if you were not watching the ESPY Awards a couple nights ago, you might have heard about Stuart Scott’s emotional acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. Scott, a beloved ESPN personality who has battled cancer for the last seven years, spoke about everything from his struggles in the hospital over the last week, to how his bosses have supported him, to the most important thing that has kept him going for all these years – his daughters.

Through all of the painful jokes from Drake, awkward moments, and Seattle Seahawkd worship throughout the evening, Scott’s speech easily made watching the entire show worth it. Just like Jimmy V’s famous speech more than two decades ago, Scott’s words will likely be called upon as inspiration for those fighting cancer for many years to come. Make sure to watch the following two videos in an area where you are comfortable crying like a little girl. It gets kind of heavy.

[Skip to five minutes into this video for Scott's full acceptance speech]