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Roger Goodell: 2015 NFL Draft Will Be Held In Chicago Or Los Angeles

It appears the NFL Draft is officially leaving New York City in 2015. See what the Commish had to say about the two finalists competing for the honor.

Change the 4 to a 5 and the city to Chicago or LA.
Change the 4 to a 5 and the city to Chicago or LA.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Updating last month's story, the NFL has decided to take the show that is its draft on the road. The 2015 NFL Draft will come to you live from Chicago or Los Angeles, says no less an authority than Roger Goodell.

"We're focusing solely on Los Angeles and Chicago now," Goodell told reporters Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Radio City Music Hall, the usual host venue in New York, could not offer available dates in April or May, Goodell said. The 2015 draft is expected to take place either April 22-25 or April 29-May 2.

"We had 12 cities that were interested," Goodell said. "We felt the best thing to do was focus on the three cities, because they had such a tremendous interest. There are very attractive aspects to each of those cities. Because we don't have the appropriate dates in May, our focus is completely on Los Angeles and Chicago.

"They both have tremendous bids."

Goodell did not provide a timetable on when the NFL would make its decision.

"I just got an update two days ago," he said. "I believe the decision will come in late summer, but we're not going to be bound by that. We're going to do the right thing."

Not surprisingly, the NFL is also still on track to expand the affair from three days to four days. I've previously expressed my strong dislike for that plan, so I won't rehash it here. I will ask you, however: Do you have a preference on whether the 2015 NFL Draft is held in Chicago or L.A.? If so, why?