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Want To Change Your SB Nation/BRB User Name? Here's How To Do It!

Unhappy with that internet alias on SB Nation? Now you can do something about it.

The visible regret of someone who loathes his user name.
The visible regret of someone who loathes his user name.
Scott Halleran

Whenever we do an "Introduce Yourself" post (note to self--probably time to do another one of those), I often see people explaining the story behind their user names. All too frequently, the user is not happy with his SB Nation/BRB alias.

Perhaps the user chose the name because a certain song was playing at the time he created the account. Perhaps he chose the name because he'd had one too many glasses of chardonnay before reading BFD's paean to Chad Stanley. Perhaps he thought that Steve Slaton would be a Texan forever, thus making a user name incorporating Slaton timeless and worthy of eternal respect.

Whatever led you to choosing your user name, I know some of you regret it. You'll be happy to know you can do something about it now.

Thanks to the gurus at SB Nation, there's now a way for you to make a one-time change to your user name. Here's the simple process, with illustrations included for those who need it, by which you can make the change.

This is your chance to right the wrong you foisted upon yourself. Make it count!