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Houston Texans Waive Brennan Williams

If you're keeping track at home, that would be two third round picks from the Texans' 2013 draft that are no longer with the team. Read more about why the Texans released Brennan Williams at Battle Red Blog.

Brennan, we hardly knew ye.
Brennan, we hardly knew ye.


Perhaps "wow" isn't really the right word.  Perhaps an exasperated sign sigh and a shake of the head is more fitting.

As you'll recall, your Houston Texans drafted Brennan Williams in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft (coincidentally, that was the same round the team selected another player who managed to stay gainfully employed by the Texans for less than six months). Although there were reasons to be optimistic the Texans may have addressed the gaping hole at right tackle with Williams' selection, Brennan didn't even make it to his first NFL training camp before getting PUP'd. After missing most of camp, Williams managed to play in the Texans' preseason finale in Arlington but was placed on injured reserve as the team finalized its 53 man roster. We then learned that Williams had suffered a microfracture in his knee that necessitated surgery.

Tellingly, Bill O'Brien has said very little about Williams' health or progress when quizzed about it. As Houston sports fans know all too well, a microfracture is an extraordinarily difficult injury from which to return, so expectations of Williams contributing this season (or any other, really) should have been scaled back accordingly. For the team to waive him now shows how minimal the likelihood of Williams being able to get back on the field really is.

This news, coupled with David Quessenberry tending to far more important things than playing football, Derek Newton's hold on the starting job at right tackle has only grown stronger.

/pauses to wipe away single tear

Will Yeatman, you're our only hope (until teams start making cuts, that is).

Best of luck to Brennan Williams. His professional football career is likely over before it even really started. That has to be tremendously difficult for him to process.