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2014 Houston Texans Training Camp: Brian Cushing, Trevardo Williams, and Louis Nix Placed On PUP List; Jadeveon Clowney Safe For Now

This day just keeps getting better and better. Three more Texans are having medical troubles as training camp looms later in the week.

Jamie Squire

After the heartbreaking release of offensive tackle Brennan Williams, who has yet to play a single snap in the NFL, there are three other young Texans who have run into some health problems – in the form of Brian Cushing, Louis Nix, and Trevardo Williams.

Cushing, who is arguably the most important member of the Bulls on Parade, has been placed on the PUP list before training camp even starts as he continues to recover from two straight years of devastating (and unlucky) knee injuries. Williams sat out his entire rookie year in 2013 after "getting rolled up on" in the preseason finale, so it is troubling that he still is not ready to practice almost an entire year later. We do not know if his being placed on the PUP is the result of the same ailment or something entirely different. Let’s hope it is nothing serious.

Rookie nose tackle Louis Nix’s knees were one of the biggest medical stories of the entire draft this past spring, and it is unfortunate to see his recovery from a torn meniscus is taking longer than expected. There is no word yet as to how close he is to being "good to go", but if the Brennan Williams story has taught us anything about large men coming back from knee problems, it’s to not hold our breath. Nix will be ready when he’s ready. Until then, Jerrell Powe has a lot of work to do.

Fortunately for Texans fans everywhere, one high profile Bull seems to be safe from the PUP list (for now).

Without or without Cushing, Nix, and Williams, Houston’s "Death Row" of J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Jerrell Powe, and Jadeveon Clowney should be a frighteningly powerful force this coming season. I can’t wait.