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Andre Johnson Spotted At Texans' Facility; Will He Be At Training Camp On Time?

Yes, Andre Johnson was at the facility yesterday, but there are conflicting ideas on what that could mean. Get the full rundown here.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Firstly, Tania Ganguli tweeted this out earlier today:

Then she published this article on ESPN talking about it:

The seven-time Pro Bowl receiver arrived at the Texans' facility to learn the team's new offense on Monday, sources told

It's unclear whether or not Johnson will report to training camp with the other veterans on Friday, but his appearance at the facility was certainly a positive development.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport picked up on it, too, but isn't optimistic about Andre fully returning to the team:

Nor was Brian Smith of the Chronicle:

Jerome Solomon, who's been very vocal about the situation, feels that this is a positive sign:

If it's true that Andre was at the facility to start learning Bill O'Brien's offense, then I can't help but feel that the two sides are coming closer together. Retirement certainly seems out of the question now (and probably always was), and Andre has come to accept that the team will not trade him. It's anyone's guess if the team extended an olive branch or if their hard-ball approach worked on its own.

Whatever the case, we'll keep monitoring the news and update everyone A.S.A.P. as possible.