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Video: Andre Johnson Still Looking Good In Drills

On a team full of players that pride themselves on putting in work when nobody is looking, Andre Johnson still stands out above the rest.

Bob Levey

If you thought Andre Johnson was just sitting on his hands this off season while skipping OTAs and minicamp, you thought wrong. The future Hall of Famer posted a quick video of himself running through a drill yesterday on Instagram, and suffice to say that he still looks as sharp as ever.

The main worry for Johnson this season is not physical decline (for once), but rather catching up mentally. It was reported that Johnson showed up to NRG Stadium on Monday in part to start learning the offense. Andre will likely still be one of the most dangerous men on the field on Sundays, but going into a training camp with just four days of experience in a new scheme is even harder than it sounds. DeAndre Hopkins and DeVier Posey spent their entire summers becoming intimately familiar with Bill O’Brien’s new attack.  Johnson did not. Whether or not Andre acquired a playbook from the team and started studying before the draft is a mystery; for his and the team’s sake, I hope that is the case.