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Andre Johnson Reports To Training Camp: Why Did The Standoff End?

After missing OTAs and minicamp, Andre Johnson reported to Texans training camp this morning, right on time. But what happened to make him decide to get on board?

What happened to change his mind?
What happened to change his mind?
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Johnson's at training camp, and all's right with the world. Aside from the obvious financial incentives for 'Dre to attend, what happened to break the ice between the disgruntled star wide receiver and the only team he's ever known? Take these tweets for what they're worth:

I can certainly envision Bob McNair stepping in to address Andre Johnson's concerns, particularly in light of McNair's previous comments about wanting 'Dre to retire a Texan. On the other hand, Rapoport's nebulous assertion that 'Dre received "an understanding...of his own future" could mean that the Texans assured him he's in their plans after this season just as easily as it could mean that they told him they'd try to accommodate his request to play for another team. It's more likely the former than the latter, but who knows?

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