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2014 Houston Texans Training Camp: Texans Waive Cody White, Alan Bonner, Anthony Dima

Injuries have caused the Texans to part with two players as the team finishes its second day of training camp. Oh, and Anthony Dima left the team, so they cut him too.

Mr. Bonner, we hardly knew ye.
Mr. Bonner, we hardly knew ye.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Two days into Bill O'Brien's first training camp as the man in charge of your Houston Texans, and the roster keeps a' churnin', thanks in large part to injury:

Tough break for both Bonner and White. The former was thought to have a shot at unseating Keshawn Martin at return man; alas, he couldn't say on the field and we're left wondering what could have been. White, on the other hand, will look to rebound from one of the more devastating injuries a professional athlete can suffer. Best of luck to them as they try to get healthy and continue their football careers elsewhere.

UPDATE: Mark Berman reports that both Bonner and White made it through waivers, so the Texans placed them on Injured Reserve: