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2014 Houston Texans Training Camp: Arian Foster Apparently Out With Hamstring Injury

Arian Foster seems to have suffered another health setback as camp enters the first fully padded practice of the year.

Jamie Squire

Texans oft-injured star running back Arian Foster left practice early yesterday morning after an apparent hamstring injury. No word was given as to how long Foster will be out while he recovers, but the team seemed confident that Foster’s ailment is not too severe.

In a now deleted tweet from Texans beat writer Deepi Sidhu, Foster is seemingly out of today’s practice due to that same hamstring and/or back injury. With camp being closed today and no press being able to tweet until the conclusion of practice, we will likely get more information in a few hours. Until then, feel free to lament the falling skies (yet again) in the comments below.