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2014 Houston Texans Training Camp: Texans Sign OT And RB, IR Two Players, Almost Didn't Draft J.J. Watt, More News

There's news being made off the field as the Houston Texans continue with training camp. Check out Battle Red Blog for the latest personnel moves and news.

Mike Thomas has been impressive, according to reports.
Mike Thomas has been impressive, according to reports.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

You may have lost a few news items in the flurry of reports emanating from Houston Texans training camp today, so I figured a separate post detailing some of those easy-to-miss nuggets was in order.

First, Aaron Wilson provides greater detail into the terms of Tyson Clabo's two-year contract with the Texans:

Next, we have an update on Alan Bonner and Cody White, both of whom were waived as injured by the team a couple of days ago. It looks like both passed through waivers, so the Texans placed them on Injured Reserve. Mark Berman says Houston also cut Ricky Sapp, signed RB Tim Cornett, and signed OL Mike Farrell.

Farrell played for Bill O'Brien at Penn State and speaks highly of him:

Finally, if you haven't already, please take a few minutes to read this profile of J.J. Watt by Grantland's Robert Mays. Before you click that link, prepare to swoon anew. Feel free to speculate in the Comments about who the other "quality defensive lineman" available in the 2011 NFL Draft was that 50% of the brass allegedly wanted over Watt, and then thank your lucky stars that the other half of the Texans' brain trust prevailed.