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BRB On SportsRadio 610: Fitzmagic Or Fitztragic?

Brett Kollmann of Battle Red Blog takes to the airwaves to talk all things Texans on Houston's Sports Radio 610.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After spending a painfully long three hours last night watching attempting to understand the latest Transformers movie, I walked out of the theater to a text from my good friend Patrick Creighton of SportsRadio 610.  Patrick asked if I wanted to do a quick segment bright and early this morning, and considering I was already planning on being awake for some morning barbecue action, I happily obliged. Topics ranged from Ryan Fitzpatrick’s turnovers to the upcoming camp battle at slot corner to Brooks Reed’s long-awaited shift to inside linebacker. Want to listen to the segment in its entirety? Click here.

What do you think, BRB? Can Fitzpatrick’s turnover problem be fixed? Is Brooks Reed the answer at inside linebacker next to Brian Cushing? Sound off below.