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J.J. Watt Comes In At No. 12 In NFL Network's "Top 100" Of 2014

The NFL Network has spoken about J.J. Watt's current standing among his peers, and it's absurd. Marvel and vent at Battle Red Blog.

12?  12?  Oh, you're gonna get it now, NFL.
12? 12? Oh, you're gonna get it now, NFL.
Bob Levey

Mr. Dunsmore included it in the Newswire here, but I think it deserves its own post considering the discussion generated in response to Charley Casserly's remarks last week. Dave Zangaro of CSN Houston writes:

J.J. Watt didn't have the numbers in 2013 that he had in 2012, but he's still one of the best players in the NFL.

And on their 2014 countdown, NFL Network ranked Watt as the 12th best player in football. He was fifth a year ago.

These lists are inherently subjective and thus about as far from gospel as they could be, so I won't devote any more time or space to skewering the logic behind Watt's ranking.

Except to say this: Anyone who honestly thinks that J.J. Watt is the twelfth best player in the NFL probably shouldn't be saying it out loud, as legitimate questions concerning the absence of that person's mental faculties are sure to follow.