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Houston Texans Information Overload

I wanted to write a stats article in April, but I wasn't able to. I didn't want the research to go to waste on my hard drive, so here is a spreadsheet for you BRB stat-heads or those trying to murder boredom.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

After the season ended, there were a few posts I wanted to write:

-Season Awards (CHECK)

-Whitney Mercilus Season Review (CHECK)

-Off-Season Preview (CHECK)

-Off-Season Review (CHECK)

-J.J. Watt Is The Greatest Film Review  :(

-Brandon Brooks Is Better Than You Think Film Review  :(

-A Complete Retrospective on Matt Schaub's time in Houston (CHECK)

-Film Pieces on Possible Offensive Line Prospects (CHECK)

-2014 NFL Draft Review (CHECK)

-Inside the Numbers via Pro Football Reference Play Finder  :(

Because of personal and work obligations, I was unable to knock off my entire to-do list. Now it's July and any type of season review post is likely to be met with "This is a waste of time" and "Last year sucks" remarks, so I am not going to finish what I had intended to do.

There was one post I started but was unable to complete in this series of unfinished dreams. It was the the numbers post where I researched certain situational stats from the 2013 season via Pro Football Reference Play Finder. I didn't want the research to go to waste even though the post was never finished.

If you hate numbers, don't read this and curse the gods that your are not being overloaded by image after image and .GIF after .GIF of J.J. Watt shredding his opponents. If you enjoy numbers or are just bored, take a gander at how every team in the NFL performed in certain situations that interested me during the 2013 season.

I have no conclusions, other than I made this spreadsheet and would rather have it looked at by others instead of sitting on my hard drive.


Have fun and let me know what you learn in the comments below.