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2014 NFL Supplemental Draft: Houston Texans Attend Lakendrick Ross Workout

The Houston Texans are doing some scouting in preparation for tomorrow's Supplemental Draft. Simple due diligence, or is there something to it?

"Tony Hollings?  TONY HOLLINGS?!!!?"
"Tony Hollings? TONY HOLLINGS?!!!?"
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft is tomorrow, with four (4) players eligible for selection. Those players are:

-Chase Clayton (WR--New Mexico)
-Darius Lipford (LB--North Carolina)
-Traylon Shead (RB--SMU)
-Lakendrick Ross (DT--Virginia-Lynchburg)

Your Houston Texans were reportedly one of twelve (12) teams in attendance at Ross' workout. It would seem rather unlikely they'd forfeit a pick in the 2015 NFL Draft for Ross, especially after investing in Louis Nix III two months ago. Then again, could it be that after years of not having a planetoid nose tackle, the new Texans regime makes up for it by doubling down on the position?

Nah. Almost surely not.  Yet I don't want you to walk away from this post feeling bad about the Texans' status as window shoppers in the 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft, so I'm going to send you out with a little Texans history to show what can happen when keepin' it real in the supplemental draft goes wrong.