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BRB SITE NEWS: Clarifying The Detente

In light of a recent development on Stampede Blue, it's time to clarify the community rules on Battle Red Blog.

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A little more than three years ago, I implemented a new policy here at Battle Red Blog. It was a big enough deal that a promise to adhere to that policy became a requirement for registering an account to comment on BRB. The post discussing that policy can be read in its entirety here. The gist of it:

To summarize: Please refrain from mentioning or alluding to Brad Wells on BRB. If you do mention Brad, you'll get a warning from me and your comment will be deleted. If you do it a second time, more drastic measures may be pursued. In exchange for your help in this endeavor, I promise you that Brad will no longer drag your name(s) through the mud on any SB Nation sites, and he'll never comment again on BRB. The next time I see a comment from Brad Wells/BigBlueShoe on this site, it'll be the last; he'll be banned immediately.

Brad Wells, of course, is the former head honcho of SB Nation's site for the Indianapolis Colts, Stampede Blue. I say "former head honcho" because it was announced earlier today that Brad is leaving the site and Josh Wilson will be taking over as the lead editor at Stampede Blue.

In light of that development, given the history between BRB and Brad, I think it's important to discuss what that means for our community.

It does not mean that you're free to insult Brad Wells on BRB now. He's gone, and there's no reason to use that, or this forum, to say all the things you've wanted to say about him for the last three plus years. In that respect, the policy detailed above has not changed. The overarching rule at BRB has always been "no personal attacks," and Brad leaving Stampede Blue doesn't change that in the slightest.

What will change, I hope, is a return to civility and cross-blogging between BRB and Stampede Blue. I know that many members of our community purposefully stayed away from Stampede Blue because of Brad, and I hope they'll consider giving Stampede Blue another chance now that Josh is in charge.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Leave 'em in the Comments, and I'll do my best to address them.  As always, thank you for your cooperation in making BRB one of the best communities anywhere.