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John Lopez: Arian Foster Is, In Fact, Not A Good Teammate

But then he spoke to the media for the first time. What followed made Foster look even more like the Prima Donna he is. Worse, by answering every question with, "I’m just trying to be the best teammate I can be," Foster did exactly what O’Brien preaches against.

He made it all about Arian Foster. He thumbed his nose at the world, jammed a wedge between himself and the public and unfairly put pressure on teammates and coaches to answer for him and explain his nonsense.

Read the rest of John Lopez's article here.

I still think people (namely the media) are overreacting to the snubbing Arian Foster gave them on Wednesday, but Lopez makes some good points. The "team first" mantra goes out the window when a player makes things about himself. But good lord is he dramatic.

The "Prima Donna" tag is a bit harsh when we remember what actual Prima Donna-type players have done to their team's chemistry. Like I said before, Foster just better ensure that he's as un-fireable as possible with his play on the field.

Are you as offended as Mother Lopez is?