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Sports Radio 610 Plays 'Mr. Doucheman' Song Parody In Honor of Arian Foster

Apparently it was made by one of the interns over at Sports Radio 610 and it aired on their morning show today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I'm still growing to detest the show.

Listen to it here.

Mr. Doucheman, bring us a ring,
You're always fav'ring your back and hamstring.
You're so much better when you're not injured
Stop being a bitch and be a winner.

Doucheman, throw us a bone.
If you showed a shred of care, we'd leave you alone.
Please turn on your ??? ???
Mr. Doucheman, bring us a ring.

Mr. Doucheman, bring us a ring.
I think you've done enough child-bearing
In philosphy you're no Aristotle,
So catch the football and go full throttle.

Doucheman, just get to the goal.
Get us some W's before we get old.
So please turn on your ??? ??? (fancy feed?)
Mr. Doucheman please, please bring us a ring!