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Former Houston Texans ST Coordinator Joe Marciano Lands A New NFL Gig

Joe Marciano, like the Phoenix, rises from the ashes of 2-14.

Employed again!
Employed again!

I have some good news and bad news for this Monday morning. Let's start with some general news.

If you had not heard, the Minnesota Vikings have hired former Houston Texans special teams coordinator Joe Marciano as their interim special teams coordinator. This, of course, is interim because Minnesota's regular special teams coordinator, Mike Priefer, is serving a suspension for the preseason and first three weeks of the regular season for making homophobic comments and potentially getting the franchise involved a lawsuit at the hands of former punter Chris Kluwe. The suspension has not resolved that matter, but that is another issue for another time. 

Last night, Minnesota sports media called this a solid move due to Marciano's long tenure in the NFL. Our Daily Norseman brethren and sistren hope for no real drop-off in their special teams units. The bad news, as people here know, is that Marciano can drain the talent from talented returners (see: Jones, Jacoby and Holliday, Trindon), not challenge kickers when they are woefully off (see: Bullock, Randy and Brown, Kris), and generally has not adapted his return schemes since the NFL made rules against the wedge. There is, after all, a reason we here are surprised when Houston starts a drive from past the 20.

Of course, how much harm can an interim coordinator do in two months? Is Marciano blessed with the anti-Midas touch to that degree? Who knows? Perhaps Blair Walsh, who should have been a Texan had Marciano chosen him over Bullock, and Cordarrelle Patterson are so talented that they avoid this themselves. Again, who knows? 

I am sure you are wondering about that good news, right? Well, the good news is you can always find a new job, even if you are terribly bad at your job for years. Right, Joe?