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Houston Texans Sign Ronnie Brown

Go ahead. Make your "It's 2008 again?" joke now. The churn at running back continues for the 2014 Houston Texans.

Ronnie Brown celebrates a TD.  In 2014, even.
Ronnie Brown celebrates a TD. In 2014, even.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans released two running backs this evening, and now they've signed a second running back to join William Powell in restocking the roster.

Brown was drafted second overall in 2005. That's right, he was drafted back in the days when teams spent top-five picks on running backs. That's downright prehistoric (Trent Richardson in 2012 being the exception that proves the rule, naturally). You can take a look at Ronnie Brown's career stats, including what he did for the Chargers last year, here.

Camp body? Yes, probably. But it's not like the Texans' depth chart at running back is set in stone after Arian Foster.