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2014 Houston Texans Training Camp: Day II Texans-Falcons Joint Practice Live Blog

Let's do it again. Another day in front of the HBO cameras for our Houston Texans. Catch all the news here.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Things I hope happen today:

- Tom Savage lights it up against enemy defensive backs.

- Jadeveon Clowney flattens an offensive tackle.

- We start seeing more of Brooks Reed at ILB.

- T.J. Yates smuggles himself back into the Texans' locker room by placing a hastily-made body double in his seat for the flight back to Atlanta.

- MDC makes his triumphant return to BRB.

Things I hope do not happen today:

- Any injury whatsoever.

- Brandon Harris gets time with the first team.

- Andre Johnson balls too hard and hurts feelings of Falcons.

- A Texans player embarrasses himself in front of the "Hard Knocks" cameras.

Here is Brett's Twitter list, which should keep us updated on the latest happenings with the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons. Be sure to post anything that falls through the cracks, or any particularly interesting tidbits that are worth discussion.

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