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Houston Texans Training Camp News: Case Keenum Gets Snaps With First Team Offense, Johnathan Joseph Still Out, More

It's easy to miss noteworthy tidbits in the grind of training camp, but there were a few interesting things to come out of Texans training camp today. Read on for more about the Texans' QB situation and the health of several starters.

Pushing Ryan Fitzpatrick?
Pushing Ryan Fitzpatrick?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

All the reports coming out of training camp can seem like a blur, so it behooves us to slow things down a bit and focus on a few of today's more noteworthy developments for your Houston Texans as they inch closer to the preseason home opener against the Falcons on Saturday night. For example...

Could it be that Ryan Fitzpatrick's putrid performance against the Cardinals has given Case Keenum an opening to challenge for the starting gig at QB? Bill O'Brien seems to implicitly caution us to slow our roll on that front:

We haven't heard much about the kicker battle. Does that bode well for the incumbent, Randy Bullock? Not necessarily.

Although Brian Cushing, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster returned to action yesterday, Bill O'Brien wouldn't commit to any of them playing against the Falcons on Saturday night.

Johnathan Joseph is still out, but he assures us there's nothing to see here and we should all just move along.

Duane Brown didn't practice today either. Is he hurt? Nah.

DeVier Posey was absent as well, though even the icy heart of Bill O'Brien will likely let it slide.

Congrats to DeVier and his family. Somewhere, David Williams smiles and nods in solidarity.

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