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Houston Texans Cheerleaders Accept The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Texans cheer team cooled off on this 95 degree, 50% humidity day by taking the ice bucket challenge. See the video below.

Houston Texans Cheer

The Houston Texans cheerleaders decided to bestow upon us, the lucky fans, a gift – wearing white shirts and dumping ice cold water on themselves…you know…for charity.

If you have not kept up with the Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping the nation, this is all done in an effort to raise awareness (and money) for fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. With the Ice Bucket Challenge going viral, the ALS Association has raised an astonishing $4 million dollars in the past two weeks alone. Even Texans general manager Rick Smith got in on the action earlier this week during joint practices with the Atlanta Falcons.

If you want to donate to help end this terrible disease, please visit the ALSA’s donation page by clicking here. Every dollar counts.