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Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. Atlanta Falcons (Part II)

Continue the conversation about the Houston Texans-Atlanta Falcons preseason game in the live open thread on Battle Red Blog.

Let's see that pass rush, baby!
Let's see that pass rush, baby!
Bob Levey

The HBO "Hard Knocks" cameras have been rolling this week around the Texans' facility, capturing the various Training Camp stories for the visiting Atlanta Falcons.  We will most likely see a bit of our Texans in next week's episode as a result.  I have confidence that Clowney's tackle for a loss immediately followed by a sack will make the next episode.  The Texans are looking much improved over last week!

With the first half in the books, keep the discussion going in this second half thread for Texans-Falcons.

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The Falcoholic