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Falcons-Texans Final Score: Atlanta 7, Houston 32

If last week had you down in the desert, then this week should put you clear to the moon in jubilation over your Houston Texans! Read on for reaction to the Texans-Falcons preseason game.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was a strong reversal from last week, showing the extremes to which preseason competition can take fans of an NFL team.  Clearly we have some good things happening in Houston.  I'm looking forward to endless replays of Jadeveon's Clowney's tackle for a loss, followed by his sack on the very next play.

Ryan Fitzpatrick looked much better, so let's hope he can develop consistency with tonight's performance.  The Texans still didn't field a full roster of starters on either side, but the arrow is pointing up nonetheless.

Special teams were exciting for the first time, perhaps in franchise history!

Enjoy the Texans' great performance, and share your favorite moments below in this post-game thread.

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