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Texans - Falcons Final Score: Houston Throttles Atlanta 32-7

Sure it's preseason, but the Texans look lightyears better than last week.

Clowney lowers the boom again.
Clowney lowers the boom again.
Thomas B. Shea

After the first preseason game, Texans had more questions then answers. Houston flipped the script and blew away the Falcons 32-7.

  • Jadeveon Clowney made his presence know in his short time on the field, blowing up Falcons running back Antone Smith in backfield and sacked Matt Ryan.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick led two drives for touchdowns, including one in the two minute drill.
  • Jonathan Grimes ran the ball well for 42 yards on nine carries.
  • The Texans special teams blocked a field goal, punt, and scored a touchdown
  • The Texans defense intercepted former Texans quarterback T.J. Yates twice and returned one for a touchdown.
A few negatives.
  • Texans still had too many penalties - 15 for 117 yards.
  • Case Keenum forced a pass into defenders for a interception, as he looked for Ryan Griffin over the middle.