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NFL Teams To Increase Size Of Practice Squads, Plus Information On Practice Squad Eligibility And Salary

Adam Schefter is reporting that NFL teams are on the verge of increasing the size of their eight man practice squads. Find out how big the projected bump is, as well as who can be on the practice squad and what kind of money they'll make, on Battle Red Blog.

This guy used to be on the practice squad.
This guy used to be on the practice squad.
Thomas B. Shea

This qualifies as big news in the NFL and even bigger news for players who are looking to continue their careers as professional football players.

Who is eligible to be placed on the practice squad, you ask? From an earlier post about the NFL calendar: agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player active list for less than nine regular season games during each of any accrued seasons. A player cannot serve on the practice squad for more than three seasons.

How much will those practice squad players make this year, you inquire?

I'd say this is a tremendously positive development for teams and players alike. What say you?

UPDATE: It's official.