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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Steelers @ Eagles

It's the third preseason game, so there'll plenty of starters in for both teams. Pull up a chair and join BRB for a little game day open thread action.

Totes adorbs!  LOL!
Totes adorbs! LOL!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How has your day been?  Were you trying to untangle the latest Jadeveon Clowney conspiracy?  Perhaps you read a fawning, vapid piece on Rick Smith and spent the rest of your day questioning the existence of mankind?  Or, perhaps like me, you are wondering who clogged the toilet this time?

Maybe, if you've had a particularly rough day, all of the above.

Kick off that stress and those pants and join us for a Thursday Night Football Open Thread.  Terry Bradshaw and the mighty Steelers visit Harold Carmichael and the Eagles in this third game of the preseason.

Usual open thread rules apply.  Will definitely cause trichinosis.  Please discontinue use if Bradshaw and Carmichael do, indeed, play tonight.  Not recommended for small children.