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Houston Texans Snap Count Report (Texans v. Broncos): Brandon Brooks Returns To Action With A Vengeance

Check out the breakdown of how many snaps each Texans player had in last night's preseason win over the Broncos in Denver.

You're in, Grimey.
You're in, Grimey.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

CSN Houston's Dave Zangaro has the snap data from the Texans' win over the Broncos last night; you can find all the information here. Quick impressions:

1. Bill O'Brien isn't messing around when it comes to reincorporating Brandon Brooks back into the lineup. Brooks played 80% of the offensive snaps last night; that bodes well for his ability to hit the ground running (relatively) when the regular season begins in two weeks.

2. On the other side of the spectrum, the team is playing it far more cautiously with Brian Cushing. He only saw 13 snaps in his first action of the preseason. Note, however, that Cushing got the same amount of snaps as Brooks Reed, who's not coming off any sort of injury, and more than J.J. Watt, who obviously doesn't need the work.

3. Speaking of first preseason action, Andre Johnson saw his to the tune of 18 snaps. That's probably enough for a veteran of 'Dre's caliber, right?

The final preseason game historically sees the teams hold most, if not all, of their starters out entirely. Think we've seen the last of the projected starting offense and defense in Houston until the regular season opener on September 7th? Or will O'Brien elect to give some of those guys a bit of work on Thursday night against the 49ers?

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