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Help Wanted: Advanced Stats Working Group

Like the maths? Like the footballs? Maybe this is the group for you.

We love bfd this much.
We love bfd this much.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everybody! drnickriviera.gif

As the title says, I'm putting together an advanced stats working group starting with one specific goal in mind.

I'm looking for people to join the group who can fill one of two (or both!) primary requirements.  First, I'm looking for strong math backgrounds, specifically statistics.  If you use Matlab in your day job, I'm looking for you.  I've personally got solid math chops, but I definitely want to up the math side of my idea.

Secondly, I'm looking for people with true football knowledge, especially at the Xs and Os level.

Finally, I'm hoping to find people I already know to some extent, even if virtually.  Unlike the first two items, this isn't a hard requirement.

As mentioned, I've got one specific project goal in mind.  Hint: it has something to do with football.  I've been putting some thought into an idea, one that can be fleshed out and improved over time.  I intend to run this as a project, primarily using a Google listserv in order to facilitate.  If we need a website to improve collaboration, I'll take care of it.  I see this as a possibly short-term future need.

To be clear, this will be my project, and all final decisions will be made by me.  This isn't because I'm a megalomaniac (though I'm not saying that's NOT a reason!), but I feel it's necessary in order to keep the project moving.  There will be discussion, though, and I'm always open to disagreement.  There'll be a lot to talk through, and intelligent commitment is a must.  Smart people do disagree.  This project is for the entire NFL and not just the Texans.

Want to hop on board Team Strike Force bfd?  Have any questions?  Drop me an email at my user name at