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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: Who Will Survive The First Round Of Cuts For The 2014 Houston Texans?

With the first round of NFL roster cuts looming, see who Texans fans think is safe (and who's not) on Battle Red Blog.

Is Travis Labhart on the bubble?
Is Travis Labhart on the bubble?
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime before 3 p.m. CDT tomorrow, your Houston Texans (and 31 other NFL teams that don't inspire the same devotion in you as said Texans) have to trim their roster down to 75 players.

If you're feeling froggy, memorialize your learned estimation of which players will find themselves looking to latch on with another team and/or which players will still call themselves Houston Texans after Bill O'Brien thins out the squad.

For easy reference, here's a link to the official roster on the team's site. Do it to it, Nostradaumus.

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