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Travis Labhart's Pre-Draft Training Session With The Dudes At Dude Perfect Will Make You Want Him On The Texans Even More...

In case you needed another reason to like the former Aggie, here's a funny video he made with the Dude Perfect bros.

There's not much room on the Texans' WR depth chart, but undrafted rookie Travis Labhart has made himself pretty hard to cut, I imagine. The Texas A&M product hasn't exactly blown away defensive backs during his 33 offensive snaps, but he's caught all five of his targets. Projected over a 16-game season, that's a 100% catch rate, folks!!!!!11 Two of his catches came on the Texans' game-winning drive against the Denver Broncos last week. Sure hands will endear you to a fanbase rather quickly.

The video showcases just how sure Labhart's hands really are, showing him catching footballs with Vaseline-slicked hands, flopping fish and even an egg.

Anyway, he's battling rookies EZ Nwachukwu, Lacoltan Bester and veteran Mike Thomas for a spot. Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and perhaps DeVier Posey will be safely tucked away on the bench, so Labhart should have plenty of time to show off his hands some more.

I'll be watching with great interest. Will you? Check out more of Dude Perfect's videos, too; those dudes are pretty cool.

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