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Report: New England Patriots Trade Ryan Mallett To Houston Texans For Conditional Seventh-Round Pick

The move that has been rumored for months has finally happened, according to Ian Rapoport. See how Texans fans are reacting to the news of Ryan Mallett coming to the Texans and what it could mean for the current QBs on the roster.

The newest member of the Houston Texans.
The newest member of the Houston Texans.
Jim Rogash

Ian Rapoport's been leading this charge for months, and now he's reporting it's finally happened:

Assuming the report is accurate, no word yet on what the Texans gave up to acquire Ryan Mallett; I would hope it wasn't much.  The Patriots, according to Tania Ganguli (whose tweet is below), will receive a sixth-round draft pick from the Texans, presumably in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Mark Berman (whose tweet is also below) says it's not a sixth-round pick; he says the Texans only parted with a conditional seventh-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

I certainly hope this doesn't also mean that the team is giving Mallett a new contract, though that could be in the cards. While Mallett does have some history with Bill O'Brien and thus presumably a working knowledge of O'Brien's offensive scheme, I do not expect anyone by Ryan Fitzpatrick to be starting at QB for the Texans for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Mallett's arrival also means that Case Keenum is surely about to be cut. The only question is whether another team (read: Baltimore, with Gary Kubiak running the offense) signs him or not. Regardless, the Case Keenum Era in Houston ends today.

Your reaction to the Mallett acquisition and Case Keenum's inevitable departure?

UPDATE (12:46 P.M. CDT): More from Rapoport on why the Texans pulled the trigger:

UPDATE (12:49 P.M. CDT): Now we know what the Texans gave up to acquire Mallett.

UPDATE (1:07 P.M. CDT): And there's that other shoe dropping.

UPDATE (1:31 P.M. CDT): Mark Berman's sources are saying the Texans are giving up less than Tania Ganguli's sources say.