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Houston Texans Release Depth Chart Before First 2014 Preseason Game

Take a look at who's where on the Texans' depth chart as the team prepares for its preseason opener against the Cardinals in Arizona on Saturday night.

XSF hasn't cracked the starting lineup just yet.
XSF hasn't cracked the starting lineup just yet.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With your Houston Texans preparing to open their exhibition schedule on Saturday night in Arizona, the team released its first depth chart since training camp opened.

Click here for the full resolution image.

With plenty of camp and preseason yet to go, things are sure to get shuffled. That said, what, if anything, surprises you (e.g.Mike Thomas being listed ahead of Keshawn Martin for both the punt and kick return gigs) about the first Texans depth chart made public on Bill O'Brien's watch?

[UPDATE] - Here is a better image of the depth chart.