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Texans v. Cardinals: Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Johnathan Joseph Expected To Miss Game; Jadeveon Clowney Expects To Start

Exactly who'll be taking the field for the Houston Texans in their preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals is starting to come into focus. Read on for the latest.

No J-Jo on Saturday night.  But there will be a Clown.
No J-Jo on Saturday night. But there will be a Clown.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As your Houston Texans steel themselves for their first taste of exhibition action in 2014, we're getting a better idea of who exactly will be taking the field for the good guys in what's admittedly a tuneup of the highest order on Saturday night in Arizona. Not surprisingly, several starters who are battling nagging injuries or are simply nicked up from camp will not be playing on Saturday night.

Who won't be playing, you ask? Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Johnathan Joseph--merely the best wide receiver on the team, the best running back on the team, and the best cornerback on the team.

The first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, though? The guy who's coming off sports hernia surgery and went down with some sort of injury, aggravation, or minor malady last weekend? He returned to practice today, and he expects to play on Saturday night. Jadeveon Clowney also expects to start.

His coach, however, says he wasn't aware that Clowney was in charge of determining the depth chart.

"He’ll start? That’s news to me," O’Brien said. "We’ll find out when the game starts."

Reaction, if any, to these news items?

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