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BRB Open Thread: Houston Texans Recap And Discussion

A whole lot has gone down in the last 72 hours in the world of your Houston Texans. Battle Red Blog wants to know what you think about all the hubbub.

"You.  Yes, you.  You didn't think I was coming to Houston, did you?"
"You. Yes, you. You didn't think I was coming to Houston, did you?"
Jim Rogash


Been a rather eventful day or two for your Houston Texans, hasn't it?


1. They cut their roster down to 53 players.

2. They scoured the waiver wire and signed a few players, which necessarily meant they'd be cutting guys they initially opted to keep on their 53-man roster.

3. After months of speculation that they would acquire Ryan Mallett (which was shot down by Texans management), they actually acquired Ryan Mallett.

4. The team then promptly released Case Keenum.

5. Keenum's release made me think of this for some reason:

6. The Texans made a couple of surprising (to me, anyway) cuts to make room for their new acquisitions.

7. Did I say "new acquisitions?" I meant "familiar faces."

8. The Texans then signed themselves a practice squad, complete with a handful of players who many of us thought should have made the initial 53-man roster, proving anew that we really have no clue what we're talking about when it comes to player evaluation.

That, my friends, is a full day. I have no idea what your Houston Texans will do today, but I know that we need some space to talk about what's already happened and what might happen in the coming days. This is that space. Have at it.