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Houston Texans News: September 10, 2014

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

Thomas B. Shea

Houston Texans News

As a child, Texans’ Foster witnessed domestic violence - Ultimate Texans
While the NFL world continued to shake Tuesday, turned upside down by the indefinite suspension of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice due to domestic abuse, Texans running back Arian Foster made his own waves via Twitter.

Snap Judgments: Week 1- Redskins at Texans- DEFENSE - Hogs Haven
Looking beyond the box score to see how the Redskins utilized their defensive players in Week 1.

Texans' Kareem Jackson launches new clothing line | News - Home
Kareem Jackson presents "Fly Guy" apparel Tuesday, which is sold only at Go Texan Store, online.

What 'Texans football' means to Bill O'Brien - ESPN
Just after the Texans hired Bill O'Brien, I called his brother for some insight on who the Texans just hired.

Houston Texans offensive snaps: Enter, Damaris Johnson - ESPN

The day before the Texans had to reduce their roster to 53 players, coach Bill O'Brien spoke very highly of receiver Keshawn Martin and his improvement. He declared Martin as the Texans' returner.

BWTB: 11 good quotes about J.J. Watt
J.J. Watt had a monstrous game against Washington, and key participants from each side shared their thoughts on the defensive end.

NRG Stadium’s Playing Surface An ‘Abomination’ " CBS Houston
The Texans playing surface has come under scrutiny, but for good reason.

Put The Film On Bro: Redskins
Texans analyst John Harris breaks down the film from Houston's win over Washington.

Watt Week 1 Frontrunner For MVP - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: NFL Insider Dan Graziano delivers his top 5 candidates to replace Peyton Manning as league MVP.

Houston Texans offensive snaps: Enter, Damaris Johnson - ESPN
The day before the Texans had to reduce their roster to 53 players, coach Bill O'Brien spoke very highly of receiver Keshawn Martin and his improvement.

Defensive snaps: Managing Brian Cushing - ESPN
It's not easy to keep Brian Cushing off the field.

Around the League

Why I stayed -
I can't tell you why Janay Rice stayed. I can tell you why I did.

NFL power rankings, Week 1: Seahawks, Broncos still the best -
The first week of the NFL season wrapped up overnight on Monday. Danny Kelly sorts out what it all means in our weekly power rankings.

Overreacting to the best and worst of the NFL Week 1 -
The Pats are clearly done for the year.

Chart Party: Exploring 'scoragami,' the art of inventing new final scores -
Thursday night, the Seahawks won a game 36-16, which no NFL team had ever done. Inventing brand-new final scores is a lost art, but it isn't dead yet.

Terry Pegula reaches an agreement to buy the Buffalo Bills for reported $1.4 billion -
With the bidding process complete, Terry Pegula reached an agreement to buy the Bills and plans to keep the team in Buffalo.

Giants fan burns Eli Manning jersey -
After Week 1.

FCC could eliminate NFL blackouts -
The Federal Communications Commission will vote on the viability of the nearly 40-year-old blackout rule on Sept. 30.

Houston & Collegiate Sports

Easily this is the most important news post I've ever put on the Newswire - let the movement to get the NHL to Houston begin.

P.K. Subban wants the NHL in Houston 'because that's where Beyonce is from' -
.@PKSubban1 wants Houston in the NHL expansion conversation: "Because that’s where Beyonce is from." — Craig Custance (@CraigCustance) September 9, 2014 Houston would be a great NHL...

Astros 2, Mariners 1: McHugh Nearly Unhittable In Win - The Crawfish Boxes
McHugh pitched a 2 hitter, and Villar provided stellar defense (and a game winning hit) to even series.

What's the best game you've ever attended as a Rockets fan? - The Dream Shake
It's sharing time at SB Nation NBA, and we are talking about our best ever game experiences!

Uncomfortable realities emerge about the Texas Longhorns offense - Burnt Orange Nation
The offense accused of a disinterest in scoring points last year at Louisville now looks incapable of scoring points.

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders: Preview - Viva The Matadors
A week's long preview of this week's game as Texas Tech hosts the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Tuesday Links O' War: September 9, 2014 - Frogs O' War
Here are your Tuesday links!

Baylor Offensive Depth Chart vs. Buffalo - Our Daily Bears
No jokes this time, just the return of a Heisman-caliber QB.

Podcast #115 - Lamar Game Recap - Good Bull Hunting
Oh Lamar. You tried. At least you got to be part of a state record.

The Tyrone Swoopes Conundrum: How Does Texas Longhorns OC Shawn Watson Play These Cards? - Barking Carnival
The reality of Tyrone Swoopes is different from the Swoopes of imagination. And that comes with a longer developmental timeline. That's not something the Longhorn schedule will accommodate.