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Bill O'Brien Mic'd Up: "That's The Formula! Run, Run, Run, Take A Shot!"

In his first game as a head coach in the NFL, the Houston Texans' Bill O'Brien was wired for sound. To say he was entertaining is a gross understatement. Watch the video and talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

Passion, thy name is Irish.
Passion, thy name is Irish.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We caught a glimpse of Bill O'Brien at practice when he was mic'd up during mini-camp a couple of months ago, and it showed a side of O'Brien that the fan base doesn't see during his media sessions. Fortunately for Texans fans, O'Brien was wired for sound again, this time in his first game as a head coach in the NFL when Houston hosted Washington in their regular season opener.

Here's a link to the video. To watch O'Brien go through the gauntlet of emotions from pre-game warmups to the victorious locker room afterward is to see a coach whose passion fans will love, especially when compared against the stoic vibe Gary Kubiak gave off (at least to the public).

You'll also see Bill O'Brien formally divulge the Texans' offensive philosophy in 2014. You probably already had that figured out, but O'Brien will confirm your suspicions.

Watch the video and then sound off in the Comments below.

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