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Houston Texans Fantasy Football: Week Two Starts And Sits

Time to answer the all important question in fantasy. Start 'em or sit 'em: What should you do with the Houston Texans you drafted?

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Defensive player on the cover of a fantasy story? Sure, why not?
Defensive player on the cover of a fantasy story? Sure, why not?
Bob Levey

Week Two is upon us and it's time once again to set our fantasy roster. Let's take a look at a few Texans players as they take on the Raiders this week.


Arian Foster, Running Back - If 27 carries for an NFL running back doesn't scream RB1 option, I don't know what will. Texans head coach Bill O'Brien already said this week he doesn't expect Foster's workload to dwindle any time soon. That can only be a positive for fantasy owners. FanDuel ranks Foster as their sixth highest running back this week, and he still may be a value since he is a focal point of the offense.

Foster rushed for 103 yards in Week One after missing half of the 2013 season and all of this year's preseason. Admittedly he may have tougher sledding this week, as I expect the Raiders to try to take away the run and force Ryan Fitzpatrick to beat them. Even if that is the case, Foster has been used more in the passing game to add to his value. On top of that, the Raiders took on a run-first team last week in the Jets and still give up over 150 yards on the ground to running backs who are not on the same level as Foster.

DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver - Last week, he accounted for 76 yards on four catches and a touchdown, with sixty three of those yards coming on one play. As previously mentioned, I suspect the Raiders will be looking to take away the run and daring Ryan Fitzpatrick to beat them with the pass. That will leave Hopkins on an island with defensive backs. Hopkins will again be primed to make big time plays facing a sub-par secondary manned by Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown.

Texans' Defense/Special Teams - The J.J. Watt lead Houston defense faces a rookie quarterback in Derek Carr. Need I say more? Carr didn't show anything that would strike fear in the hearts of the Texans defense in Week One. The majority of his throws were safe, easy reads or a checkdown.


Garrett Graham - Tight End - Yes, the Texans' starting tight end returns to the lineup after missing the season opener. But his snaps will be limited as to ease him back into game plan. I'm not writing off Graham this season, but look for better options if you can.


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