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Houston Texans Vine Rewind: Texans vs. Raiders

This weekend's Texans-Raiders highlights are now on a constant loop, courtesy of Vine, on Battle Red Blog.

There goes that football.
There goes that football.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be an app for everything now on our phone.  There's access to pictures, movies, and chat about every subject. Vine, is was the Instagram of videos before Instagram picked up videos itself. That whole explanation isn't important except to introduce Vine, a tool that can basically make instant GIFs.

So why not make some cheap GIFs of the Texans highlights from yesterday's win over Oakland??

J.J. Watt does it all, including catching touchdowns. The former Central Michigan tight end was left wide open for the Texans' first score.

Arian Foster got on the board as well.

Minus a great play by Darren McFadden, Derek Carr's first interception would have gone to the house.

Vine of the Day: James Jones fumbles the ball twice in one play. D.J. Swearinger would pick the ball up on the one.

DeAndre Hopkins showed us once again he is a manchild.

Finally, I'm going to guess their will be a discussion in the Raiders' offensive line meeting about who should have been been handling J.J. Watt on this play.

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