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BREAKING NEWS: Houston Texans' J.J. Watt Signs 6-Year, $100 Million Dollar Contract Extension

One of the league's brightest stars just became one of the league's richest. J.J. Watt has signed a record-breaking new deal with the Houston Texans

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In an unexpected late night turn of events, the best defensive player in the NFL just got a truckload of money.

Chris Mortensen soon followed with the jaw dropping numbers on the contract.

For those without a calculator handy, the contract averages out to roughly $16.5 million dollars per year. That tops Mario Williams’ $96 million dollar extension ($50 million of which was guaranteed) signed in 2012 and makes Watt the highest paid defender in the league. With one of the most dominant starts to a career in NFL history and a Defensive Player of the Year award already under his belt, one would be hard pressed to argue that Watt has not earned every penny of his new deal.

From all of us here at BRB, congratulations to #99 for getting paid. You deserve it, big fella.

UPDATE: It seems like Watt's contract has hit the triple digits after all.